About Kelly

Kelly Barnes Millington has a passion for travel that has been evident since her childhood.  Friends and family would tell you that, even at a young age, she was a burgeoning travel advisor.  She has been fortunate to travel extensively and lived in Italy for a year.  After working in Corporate America and subsequently running her own business she now feels that she’s come home to the travel industry.

Kelly believes that her love of travel shines through the details.  Travel today can be challenging for the consumer, but though her vast network and global connections, she is able to match her clients with the finest hotels, resorts, cruise lines and tour companies to meet their needs all while finding them the best value.

Kelly believes that planning a vacation is so much more than booking a hotel room.  Her desire is to work collaboratively with her clients to design the perfect trip, implement their vision and share valuable information that will get them excited.  Her clients are delighted while traveling by room upgrades, complimentary breakfast and extra value-added amenities.