How It Works

First, I want to know about your interests, why you are planning this trip and what you want to accomplish.  I will listen closely to determine how I can best deliver what is important to you.

Next, we will work collaboratively to design an exceptional travel experience.  All clients are different and have their own ideas of what is the perfect vacation.  By working together and hearing what you have in mind, we can come up with a plan to transform a good experience into a spectacular one.

Then you sit back and relax while I get to work.  I pull together your itinerary, while keeping you informed.   I will be confirming your reservations, sharing valuable information with you and creating exceptional travel materials that will fire your enthusiasm and eliminate any concerns you may have.

Then you are on your way!  But my work is not done.  While you are traveling, I will be checking in with you to be sure all is going well.  Should something unexpected happen, I am here as your advocate to work through it.   I will be touching base with hoteliers and tour companies to ensure your VIP status. I will be reviewing your itinerary to see that there are no changes or issues.  In short:  I am working for you while you are away.

Last but very important, I want know how your experience was.   What did you love most? Could anything have been better? I want to share your memories.  Whatever I learn from you will help me become a better advisor for you as we plan your next journey!